New Generation, multiplied effectiveness

The concentration of hydroxyl radicals increased 100x

The latest achievement of nanoe® X technology

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Panasonic Air Conditioner
nanoe® X

Protect Your Loved One!

Huge amount of nanoe® X are distributed by the air flow of air conditioners and air purifier to actively fill the entire space and goes beyond the filter to inhibit virus, bacteria and other airborne pollutants.

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Novel Coronavirus

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Hazardous Substances
contained in

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Moisturized Skin &
Straighter, Sleeker Hair

nanoe® X combines with natural sebum to coat the skin, leading to smooth, well-hydrated skin. Also, the abundant moisture found in nanoe® X hydrates the hair, contributing to straighter, sleeker hair.

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How nanoe® X Work?

Abundant in nature, hydroxyl radicals have the capacity to inhibit pollutants.  The hydroxyl radicals (OH) in nanoe® X actively react with air pollutants. Water molecules are produced and the air pollutants are denatured.

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Vision & History

25 Years of Development

Panasonic's "hydroxyl radicals contained in water" has been researched and developed since 1997, establishing its brand name as "nanoe® X". We had the vision of clear air since 1997, and we kept going.

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