nanoe® X,
technology with the
benefits of hydroxyl radicals

nanoe® X, the original ionizer to generate "nano-sized atomized water particles" is developed by Panasonic. It is an electrostatic atomization technology, that collects invisible moisture in the air and applies high voltage to it to produce "hydroxyl radicals contained in water". The decisive factor is the existence of hydroxyl radicals inside nanoe® X.

The water particles contain huge quantity of hydroxyl radicals. They are highly reactive molecules that react easily on a variety of substances, deodorizing and inhibiting viruses and bacteria.

Hydroxyls radicals are generally described as easily denatured through their binding to various substances in the air and very short lived.

However, it was verified that "hydroxyl radicals contained in water" have a long life because they are contained in water and this makes their effects far-reaching.

Panasonic's "hydroxyl radicals contained in water" has been researched and developed for more than 20 years, establishing its brand name as "nanoe® X".

Outside your home, beyond borders

Enjoy quality air at home and in other interior environments. The effectiveness of nanoe® X technology has been verified in many countries and it is used in a broad range of public and commercial facilities.

Worldwide verification of the effectiveness of
nanoe® X technology